Scania 143m Diesel sound


2 version of sound:
1.Replace all scania r-series sound
2.Only work if you have mod werbeek scania 143m

See read me file to get install instruction



10 thoughts on “Scania 143m Diesel sound

  1. tyrannix2342

    Super sound 🙂 The best sound mod for scania :)Bravo:)

  2. Trucker Melli

    für scania R funktioniert leider nicht nur für den 143…schade…

  3. I´ve downloaded the sound and Verbeeks truck, but the sound is totally different from the video :/

    1. niksiccable

      If you have any other scania sound mod delete it,and ope mod werbeek scania def/vehicle/scania.143m and delete folder sound 100 work…

      1. Thanks 🙂 it worked!

  4. Trucker Melli

    das ist der beste scania sound aber es müsste ihn für den scania R geben, das wäre perfekt….

  5. Trucker Melli

    mayday …wie bekomme ich den super sound in den scania R ?? kann mir jemand helfen??

  6. QuansaBanana

    I don’t have any other sound mod for the scania but I still don’t get this sound to work 🙁 please help

  7. Nor good .Should only be for 143.The other Scanias has their own sounds.It’s sh.. if all truck sounds is the same

  8. I’m not having any other sound mods in my mod folder. Do I have to activate both files? I have removed the sound folder from def\vehicle\trucks\scania.143m.

    But the sound is not working. Whar to do?

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