Scania 143m edit by Ekualizer v2.5 (Maggie fixed by Sebi81)


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I do not have permission to fix this mod , but … I LOVE this 143M by Ekualizer..It just has to work 😉
I just fixed the cabin ” Maggie ” with Zmodeler3.
I’m no Modder! I changed nothing. No skins, etc..
Please update this mod! It is perfect!
Finaly I have to recommend the Soundmod of Volidas (vers 3.0).

Have Fun! Sebi81

Original Mod:

Ekualizer, Sebi81


20 Responses to Scania 143m edit by Ekualizer v2.5 (Maggie fixed by Sebi81)

  1. vkavlas says:

    one of the best truck mods ever!!you can drive this truck from TSM map up to goba6372 map with no problem.Τhanks all who work so hard for a truck like this

  2. c says:

    The only problem that i have with this truck that it feels weak in some sort of way and also when you turn the right indicator all lights do blink

  3. eusebio1 says:

    So does this work without errors using 1.16.x.x?

    • Sebi81 says:

      Yes, this mod works in v1.16 … but there are still (obsolete/ignorable ) warnings left, because of the old models. Every cabin is working now without BUGS, especially “Maggie”..
      but there are known issues left:
      – wipers do not work from outer view
      – working tochometer
      – the ‘old’ problems

  4. Dutch-Wave says:

    Nice i drive it no errors works fine on 1.16 nice thnxx

  5. Trucker says:

    Where do i find the truck? Can’t see it in Jobs menu?

  6. Verdi says:

    Looks and drives good 🙂

  7. BanditGamingHD says:

    video gameplay with this mod —->

  8. daniel says:

    no tiene opcion de eje neumatico ?

  9. rogge says:

    where can i find the truck???

  10. Sebi81 says:

    This is my vid:

  11. Darren says:

    this truck should have lift-axles by now. I mean how many versions have been released and yet it can’t be kept up to date

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