Scania 143M edit


* Adjust the attachment points for accessories
* Append all missing flares
* Adding the possibility of painting the truck
* Creates a replica engines to be installed in this model
* Append mirrors in three variants
* Removed unnecessary wheel models
* Added this truck for quick jobs
* You can purchase this truck in large Scania store
* Adjusting the price level as the car used
* Converted and appended the interior in two variants
* Append missing matrix
* Gears 10, 12, 12r
* Working all mirrors
* Added points to name plates
* Added board computer
* Added four types of cabs and chassis (finish)
* Slightly raised base chassis 4×2

Tested on 1.3.1

Original author: unknown
Convert, edit: Ekualizer


40 thoughts on “Scania 143M edit

  1. link don’t work

  2. thanks

  3. Is it a standalone truck?

  4. I have an older version of this mod which I found in internet and I have two questions.
    Is wipers now working and are the gauges needles now visible at night?

  5. SuperSteve

    @Ekualizer Looks great can’t wait to try it out

  6. navigatore ??

  7. Ekualizer

    maybe letter on version 0.8

  8. trucker ede

    yes, the first 143M with interior for ets 2
    Looks good ,please work on the interior make it more finer ,and the truck with 3 axle ,good old school truckstuff
    i like it thx

  9. Fredde Swe-Trans

    Umm, when i’m in the interior, the interior camrea sits really low.
    it is there something do to it or i can edit so i will be better?

    plz give me a answer.

  10. Way too detailed… Continueous memory errors…

  11. addition to previous comment;

    constant memory errors when choosing a different cab or chassis.

  12. Wow!! i love this mod, because scania 143m is my favourite truck :)))))) thank you 😀

  13. The wipers dosent work when its raining. And you have to fix the textures on the interiors, and make 6×2 or 6×4 axles 🙂

  14. v8 scaniaking v8

    muy buen mod. aora hace falta mejorar el interior i sacar unos skins i sera perfecto gran mod

  15. Ekualizer

    Scania 143m edit by Ekualizer version 0.7

  16. v8 scaniaking v8

    error al cambiar chasis. tiene muchos errores

    1. Martin Berhus

      can you make a bigger egine in next uptade 500 hp is low in norway

  17. muy bueno,aora ace falta que funcionen los limpias i unos skin tipo

  18. trucker ernie

    what is new by this update v.0.8 ??
    anyway it is a nice interior……….

  19. chasis 6×2,6×4

  20. Using this with trucksim 2.2.1 map the interior camera sits way to low. Is there anyway to fix this?

  21. new is….. a navi and the interior looks nicer with better texture thx

  22. scaniaking

    Problem on having changed cabin painted to normal chassis, corrects the problem

  23. v0.9??????????

  24. Dylan Elliot

    Installed this mod and can’t find the truck in dealerships or quick jobs?

  25. thx for the 3 axle update. is it possible to make
    a longer Chassis ??
    like M.Benz Chassis . pleaaaaaase.!!

  26. Ekualizer

    Orginal authors: NewTon, Anaheim, EED123, Sheryo

    Please update


  27. Because when I enter to a city, or on having changed work it gives me mistake??

  28. Is a new update in work….??????????????

  29. Ekualizer

    look it on my homepage modscenter

  30. i found it,,Version 1.1 thx for this nice update .good Job.

    1. Can you send me the link? Becouse I can’t find it 🙂

  31. Hello ekualizer. I’m Stathis who sent you an pm in modscenter. Pease post here the link because when i get in adfly it’s blocked for me. I’m sure that a lot of guys here will appreciate that. Thanks

  32. wipers are a bit of when it rains, i cant se out of the front window, wiper on drivers site, only removes half of the water on the, window so the left site of the front window is not cleaned of water can you fix that

    this is my new favorite truck in the game i nolonger drive scania longlines but i stick to this old school beast
    p.s maybe a bit more horsepower and interiour whould be perfect on it

  33. João Neto

    It is working on 1.4.12s version.

  34. Aidan O'Donnell

    Well lads, I can only seem to find the truck in the quick jobs section, but not in the scania dealer. It wont even recognize that its a scania in the quick jobs list. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

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