Scania 143M Rework 5.9 [1.44]

Changelog V5.9:
Reworked for 1.44.
Reworked front parking lights and blinkers(don’t “hit” in parking lights anymore).
Tweaked dash lights.
Fixed wiper mask from interior(wipers are not white in the night anymore).
Cable racks reworked with real trailer cables.
Couple of other minor fixes.
Steering wheel fix by AJIEHA.

Ekualizer, TSM Poland, rinat, NewTon, Anaheim, EED123, Sheryo, R.J. Productions ,Mjtemdark , tincho, CrazyMango73, Alpi0120, AJIEHA(Steering wheel fix); vasja555(update for 1.44)


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4 thoughts on “Scania 143M Rework 5.9 [1.44]

  1. The Indian Trucker
  2. SOUMARE Mamadou

    Eur truck simulation

  3. ryan harwood

    can we have a right hand drive version?

  4. English Bob

    Works great in 1.44 fab to see this old lady still going strong one of the best engine sounds ever. HD Video :

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