Scania 143M v 5.0 [1.31]

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The truck is completely autonomous.
You can buy it from large Scania dealer.
Specifications is taken from the original documentation
Model is skinnable
Tested on: 1.31.x patch

– ready for 1.31.x patch

Ekualizer, TSM Poland, rinat, NewTon, Anaheim, EED123, Sheryo


16 thoughts on “Scania 143M v 5.0 [1.31]

  1. Kenny Truck.

    test video

  2. Hello !… very good mod
    Need beautifull skin and intérior ;-))
    Have nice day

    PS: BIG THANKS for the mod

  3. REVIEW:

  4. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test video…

  5. Lilo is Good

    Another “upload by visitor”, this is shady as hell

  6. neranjana

    Test Video

  7. ChrisMaximus

    ETS2 v1.31 I Mod – Test ▶️ Scania 143M v 5.0

  8. pleasse update the tandem vercion

    1. TomDooley

      Or you can do it without begging people. It’s clear enough that there’s enough people who beg and criticize on others’ work on SCS Forums, yet there’s practically hundreds like you still begging on here. It’s tiring and it’s getting me irate just by reading comments posted.

  9. SiMoN3 ETS2

    Video test here 😀

  10. scania 143m in add 8×4 chassis?

    1. TomDooley

      Don’t beg people around for mods.

      I’ve seen you begging around over and over again, it’s becoming a public nuisance. You might as well consider yourself lucky that you’re not doing the same thing on SCS forums because you’ll likely be banned on the spot for inconsistently begging people around. I’ve already held a grudge against Jon the VGnerd who couldn’t shut up about mods, what makes you think I won’t do the same to you for constantly begging authors around just for them to make things you’re unable to do?

      1. Sergio M.

        Naming and shaming huh? That’s a line even you don’t wanna cross.

  11. hi cant wait to test it but I have put it in mod folder and can see it in mod manager but I cant see it in any of the truck dealers how to I get it??

  12. Mod funktioniertgut…lvl.1.33.

  13. love the mod, just asking is it possible to do 1.36 update and with cables please, keep up the good work

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