Scania 143M Vebatrans Holland

Scania-143-M-Vebatrans-Holland-1 Scania-143-M-Vebatrans-Holland-2

Scania 143M Vebatrans Holland Truck

Authors: Freddy Jimmink, Equalizer2, Timmer


7 thoughts on “Scania 143M Vebatrans Holland

  1. swrigley1998

    looks good will try it out is it possible to make the scania 113h v8 thanks

  2. Is it a new version or just republication?

    There aren’t description about version. v1?; v2?

    1. its a skin

  3. GhostRunner

    Freddy make a Weeda Skin,please!

  4. alessandro 1982

    Hello you could have the link wheels ?

  5. Just a Skin? With 106 MB!?

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