Scania 143M Verbeek

Scania-143-M-Verbeek-1 Scania-143-M-Verbeek-2 Scania-143-M-Verbeek-3

Scania 143M Verbeek Truck

Authors: Freddy Jimmink, Ekualizer Timmer


10 Responses to Scania 143M Verbeek

  1. Freddy Jimmink says:

    Authors: Ekualizer Timmer

    Skin by Freddy Jimmink

    Relaces Scania_6 and has own intrior and sound

  2. GhostRunner says:

    Please Freddy,Weeda for the next 🙂 Good job Bro!!!

  3. Grandpa says:

    truck with skin or just skin ?

  4. Ianwigan says:

    Is it stand alone I down load it go to buy online can’t find it goto every dealer can not find it so where would we fin it please

  5. Freddy Jimmink says:

    It replaces scana_6 at bigger dealers it must e there,

    And i saw in the video that backmudflap is skinnable, but i couldnt find the .dds

  6. tun3tz says:

    Man please tell me , why i can’t put 2x exhaust on back ? i can put only 1 . it’s because version or what ? ty

  7. Dave-v8-vabis says:

    Why can i not have a vabis steering wheel on this truck ????
    Do you now why
    Can you help me
    With a vabis steering wheel this mod is my fav

  8. misterbasi says:

    link cannot download, any have newlink please…

  9. RobViguurs says:

    The interior windows look to bright that it looks like the world looks very light from inside, but from outside camera just normal, can somebody fix that? (make the windows darker so it looks less brighter?) Very nice truck. Cheers 😉

  10. tylerjscania2002 says:

    does this mod still work

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