Scania 143M

Author: Petrik, region59


9 thoughts on “Scania 143M

  1. A class
    B class
    C class

  2. I would like to get this truck, but I’ll download it when it’s available from a download site that lets me simply download the file without jumping through hoops to get it.

  3. Well I got it…. installed it…. deleted it.
    Guess I should’ve known better after trying other mods by this author.
    Wish the pics here could be bigger so we could see graphic bugs and low quailty textures before wasting time downloading and installing.
    It also crashes the game in the dealer options screen if you dont know exactly which parts are safe to click.
    Another buggy mod that would probably be great if it was given a bit more care instead of being released in this condition.

  4. Don’t waste your time downloading this #### people!

  5. Alexsandr

    passwod please !)

  6. if someone gives me the password for the pmg/pmd i can fix all this ####.

  7. it has become apparent after trying to extract the scs, that this file is corrupt!!

  8. Please make a re-edit of this one, i dont like the newer 143 model!

  9. We have to pay to download and the truck sucks, forget it, and dont pay.

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