Scania 1500HP motor

Author: Lancer
Password: Lancer
1500HP – 1104Kw motor


10 Responses to Scania 1500HP motor

  1. Svenne says:

    Requires password to open .zip
    Don’t download.

  2. Renegade says:

    whay would you want a complete bullshit mod like this anyway ?

    1500 hp LMFAO what a pile of ####

  3. THIS IS PASSWORD! says:

    THE PASSWORD IS : Lancer

    • ETS2TruckDriver says:

      Ugh Thnx. And BTW I didn’t saw it in the Desc. :3
      BTW Thnx.

  4. cecemel says:

    works this with 1.3.0?

  5. miki duta says:

    yeah,sure,put them in your #######,because ist password protected

    • burnedbruno says:

      Mod posted on December 8, 2012.
      Your comment posted on April 7, 2014.

      Under the picture, it says: “Author: Lancer
      Password: Lancer”
      Your comment says (besides the swearing): “ist password protected”


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