Scania 164l Road Pirate RSJ


Scania 164l with interior, skin Road Pirate RSJ with RSJ trailers

50Keda, Barrosa, Punisher, Bruno, maxx2404, Vlasta, Zilpzalp


7 thoughts on “Scania 164l Road Pirate RSJ

  1. This is the curve mod! Not worth paying for!
    Это самый кривой мод! Не стоит внимания!

  2. It doesn’t work for me.
    It crashes while choosing the profile.

    1. game don´t work because you not activate Scania r2088 mod

      1. What the hell Is scania R2008?
        Should I download It?
        Where can I download?

        1. my friend the scania R2008 it is in the mod

  3. why doesn’t work this old end of 2012 Pirate mod ?

    tell me why, so tell me why lalala….

  4. Scania.vabis.diesel

    This truck is messed up!!
    no skin,
    Everything is mis placed

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