Scania 164l Road Pirate RSJ


Scania 164l with interior, skin Road Pirate RSJ with RSJ trailers

50Keda, Barrosa, Punisher, Bruno, maxx2404, Vlasta, Zilpzalp


7 Responses to Scania 164l Road Pirate RSJ

  1. xsandr says:

    This is the curve mod! Not worth paying for!
    Это самый кривой мод! Не стоит внимания!

  2. mohammad says:

    It doesn’t work for me.
    It crashes while choosing the profile.

    • v8 guy says:

      game don´t work because you not activate Scania r2088 mod

      • mohammad says:

        What the hell Is scania R2008?
        Should I download It?
        Where can I download?

  3. Baba says:

    why doesn’t work this old end of 2012 Pirate mod ?

    tell me why, so tell me why lalala….

  4. Scania.vabis.diesel says:

    This truck is messed up!!
    no skin,
    Everything is mis placed

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