Scania 2009 Interior 1.36

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Interior for Scania R&Streamline 2009
Tested on version 1.36

Based on the interior model from SCS
Changes do not apply to UK version

– Many fixes and improvements in geometry
– Changed textures and reconfigured materials using normal and reflection maps
– Reworked seats
– Added GPS navigator with the ability to install on the console (for standard versions of the interior)
– Added coffee machine with the ability to install on the console
– Two new steering wheels added for Scania R



4 thoughts on “Scania 2009 Interior 1.36

  1. PolishDriverTruck

    Video Test 1.37… Very Nice Mod

  2. Works with RJLs scania rework?

  3. It may be impossible, but I want you to support RJL

  4. please make it for scania RJL too. thank you

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