Scania R2009 Reworks

Scania-2009-Reworks-1 Scania-2009-Reworks-2

– 2 Separate mods with new features for both trucks:
– 3 new tuneable cabins
– 8 chasis variants (4normal, 4 V8; 4×2, 6x2_4, 6×2*4, 6×4) with propper models (6x chasis models use the same base so no more problems with unfitted parts)
– Skinnable/plastic cab side panels
– Silver, black, painted front grills (in normal and V8 variant)
– Separate headlight models for normal and V8 engines
– Normal and V8 sideskirts for 4×2 and 6x chasis (fixed so no more strange light glitches or wrong-look textures – also work on unmodded ingame trucks)
– 6x chasis exhausts and sidestripes with lights
– Optional spoilers for normal and highline cabs
– New skinning templates
– Metallic paint support
– 3rd uv map – SCS skins support (including DLC skins)
– Most “stock scanias” skins fit

Author: GT-Mike


8 thoughts on “Scania R2009 Reworks


    Guys the parts are the same as streamline.

  2. thx

    Can you update 8×4 and 10×4 already done?


    1. … and Renault 6×4?

  3. Sorry, but CTD when starting engine (no problem with other Scanias, Kriechbaum V8 and L6 sounds).
    Tested with sound mod off, same problem 🙁

  4. After many tests, CTD only with V8 motors, run nice with L6 !

  5. Simontruck99

    New link plaese

  6. scania_vabis

    New link plaese

  7. RR-Angels

    dl link doesent work anymore.

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