Scania 2016 Kelsa Bars 1.36

– Lobar
– Sidebar
– Minibar ( Normal and XL)

– New .pmg format.
– Fixed definition for Eugene’s P G R S cabin.
– Fixed definition for Solutech’s Remoled Next Gen.



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5 thoughts on “Scania 2016 Kelsa Bars 1.36

  1. How do I get a square light? please!

    1. I use in this mod.

      But I can’t guarantee working properly, because this is an old mod.

      1. Or this one, it is for 1.36:

        I´m using also without Problems.

  2. What line do I have to add in the .sii for the painted bars to be in my color? Would nice if someone could help me

    1. You must put all the Parts in the accessories.sii
      Is not to explain in 2 Minutes. Go to the SCS Forum to find a Tut
      ore Help from the Modders there.
      Sorry, but today all is more complicated than before. ?

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