Scania 2016 NextGen Transalliance Skin

**Updated for ETS2 v1.32.x.x**
High and Normal Cabins both models.
3 different versions of the skin for each cabin/truckmodel.
Best look in combination with the
*Scania Painted Accessory MOD* available in Steam Workshop

Also made compatible with various other accessorymods out there…
AND the ACCESSORY file content have some descriptive
information how the file can look like …. Hope it’s helpful !!

m1keY (MOH1336 templates/examples, Hounddog extended templates/examples)


15 thoughts on “Scania 2016 NextGen Transalliance Skin

  1. Hello
    Could you tell me how to get the scania S template?
    Thanks greetings

    1. I sure can, just follow the link and in first post you have the information needed… excellent instructions from Moh1336 and examples AND templates !

    2. I replied earlier, but guess links will have to be moderated before approval … on scsforum you have a thread by Moh1336 regarding skinning the new scania there you’ll findthe examples/templates for the models to use. And in the thread a lot of information for creating a skin.

      1. Ciao Mike, I wanted to ask you for information by chance did you create a skin pe volvo f88v 1.32? because on I can color fender ant, tanks and chassis (I always have the default XBS skin color) maybe there is a def error that I could not find, on v 1.31 they all worked correctly. You are free to not replicate Thanks

        1. haven’t done, only skin I made for that truck was for a request on the SCSforum
          **Need a multi-colour skin for XBS VOLVO F-88 **

          1. No I do not need a skin, I’ve already created skins that worked perfectly on v 1.31 (all the accessories)
            I upgraded to v 1.32 with new def files and the accessories I wrote above
            they do not work with the color of the XBS skin (orange or red)
            maybe it’s my own, but I’ve made them three times and always the same problem.
            Anyway I thank you for your availability and I’m sorry if I bothered you.
            Crazie ancora CiaoZ

          2. I checked his F88 release for the 1.32 game and it appears he uses the same default system as on this Scania 2016
            so simply add that acc_list[]: *item*
            to the specific texture made for it and it should work !

          3. Thanks again but do not worry does anything, I have not reported to XBS because he is not responding here, unfortunately I’m not registered on the SCS forum (because I do not speak English).
            I created my skin structure and I have the problem I redo everything using the XBS structure changing only the names and repeat the usual error.
            The last test I replaced only the DDS files (tank / s_equipe / fender_cust_6x / in the POLAR folder
            with new green DDS files, the usual problem in the game is blue (original polar color).
            Do not waste any more time for this problem, perhaps with the next update it will be solved.
            CiaoZ e Grazie ancora.

          4. Sure you can join the forum, lot of people who don’t speak or write proper english, that’s what google translate is for ๐Ÿ™‚

            I’m on russian forums and I can say Jokes on me, hoping the **translate** translates what I actually write ๐Ÿ™‚

            But as said XBS uses the same system as the Scania 2016 (and it is appliable to the other trucks aswell – I’ve been told) it should work

          5. Here I use google but many times the translation is not correct.
            For the mod it uses the new system but surely there is an error, the cabin has no problem only the accessories as described that have the problem.
            Thank you for wasting time for me.

          6. haven’ttried (checked it) but the error could be the name in his file
            should read acc_list[]: “s_equip.shape2”

            not acc_list[]: “equip.shape2”

            just a qualified guess ๐Ÿ™‚

          7. These are the original def:
            acc_list[]: “s_equip.shape2”
            acc_list[]: “f_fender.stock”
            acc_list[]: “tank.paint”

            The easiest test I did was to change only the color of the DDS in the XBS skin and the color of the XBS skin will not always change color.
            I understand that you want to help me have all the costs. I just ask you not to waste any more time you’ve already done enough.
            CiaoZ Grazie

  2. thank you for your help, a greeting

  3. Where could i find the mod for the extended sunvisor? ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m really loving it

  4. Hey, I really like your NextGen Scania, could you send me a link for the extended sunvisor? ๐Ÿ™‚ I really like it and want to own on my truck also.

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