Scania 2016 NextGen Transalliance Skin

TRANSALLIANCE skin for the new SCANIA 2016
High and Normal Cabins both models.
3 different versions of the skin for each cabin/truckmodel.

Best look in combination with the
*Scania Painted Accessory MOD* or Steam Workshop

m1keY (MOH1336 templates/examples, Hounddog extended templates/examples)


2 thoughts on “Scania 2016 NextGen Transalliance Skin

  1. Hello m1keY,i am repaban an thanks a lot for you skin its amazing ;i cannot answer to the SCS SOFTWARE forum i have no acces lost paswort

    1. you got your skin anyways …

      about the login… FAQ:
      I’ve lost my password!
      Don’t panic! While your password cannot be retrieved, it can easily be reset. Visit the login page and click I forgot my password. Follow the instructions and you should be able to log in again shortly.
      However, if you are not able to reset your password, contact a board administrator.

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