Scania 2016 S and R Low Chassis

Hi all,
It’s finally finished.
Mod for Scania S and R 2016
– chassis 4×2
– chassis 6×4
Please inform about bugs/errors. Thank you.
Compatible: In 1. 30/1. 31
Enjoy ?



4 thoughts on “Scania 2016 S and R Low Chassis

  1. stolen, as all mods from jemyRed!!

    1. Yes, that´s right.
      jemyRed is one of the habitual Thieves with a new Name. 🙁

      I prefer the real one from Sogard, a legal Modder !

  2. Yeay my Screenshot….,, using without permission

  3. ByZockerYT[GER]

    okay, my dad will have this mod i found it and its veryvery cool thx for creating this mod 😀

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