Scania 3 Series 143M 500V8 v5.5 [1.40]

cania 3 Series by Alpi0120
Changelog V5.5:
-Old V8 sound is back.
-Old Michelin Bibendum and Vabis Interior is back.
Changelog V5.4:
Updated to 1.40 by Alpi0120
-Fixed GPS Reflections.
-Fixed Chrome Reflections.
-Fixed Texture Reflections.
-Fixed Window Reflections.
-Fixed Gauge Reflections.
-Fixed Mirror Reflections.
-Fixed Headlights, Brake Lights, Flare Lights.
-New Engine Sounds.
-New Vinly.



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6 thoughts on “Scania 3 Series 143M 500V8 v5.5 [1.40]

  1. another update WITHOUT cables, lets get this sorted please

  2. Truckercharly

    Avast Alert while trying to download it. Save download not possible.

  3. Bodyguardxp

    ETS2 – SCANiA 143M (İnterior + Nostalji) [1.40]

  4. any idea on this?

    trucks wheel is not turning. i can steer like normal (using a gamepad) but the trucks wheel is not moving at all.

    any input appreciated.

  5. PlomiGames

    beautiful truck a great truck to drive, too bad the steering wheel doesn’t work even so you can play with it, but I had to solve that problem

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