SCANIA 3 v1.30 FIX and MIX

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SCANIA 3 v1.30 FIX and MIX


Tested on: 1.28.x / 1.30.x patch

The package includes:

SCANIA 3 v1.30.scs

Truck model SCANIA 3° series, available in the SCANIA dealers with:

– 1 cabin + 1 with spoiler
– 3 chassis 4x
– 3 chassis 6x
– 1 chassis bdf 4x
– 2 chassis bdf 6x
– 1 chassis bdf 4x
– 14 engine
– 7 transmission
– 4 interior
– Sounds
– External accessories
– Internal DLC accessories (Requied: dlc toys)
– Internal SiSL’s accessories (Requied: SiSL Mega Pack mod)

– BDF chassis are compatible with trailers BDF Tandem Truck Pack v85.2
– BDF cargo can be edited by modifying the dds files in:
vehicletruckupgradecargotandemCARGO TYPEtextures
– Rear mudflap can only be installed on the Vabis 4×2 chassis.
– Accessories with V8 logo are only available with V8 engines.
– Now the smoke is dispersed in the environment but remains always visible.
Is not available for all exhaust.

Pallets v1.30 Beta.scs

Cargo Pallets for BDF, available in 162 companies.


Fix and Mix: ME
Heavy edit: Ekualizer
Base model: SCS, TSM Poland, rinat, NewTon, Anaheim, EED123, Sheryo
BDF chassis: iconRJ, Flemming V
Computer: piva
Sound L6: EVR Engine voice records
Sound V8: Kriechbaum
Container skin: Jazzycat
Pallets: by Maury, Stealsth, iconRJ
Other: unknown authors…

ME and… Ekualizer, iconRJ, Flemming V, piva, EVR, Kriechbaum, Jazzycat, by Maury, Stealsth, iconRJ


23 thoughts on “SCANIA 3 v1.30 FIX and MIX

  1. HD test video 1.30…

  2. FoxOnTheBox

    Fantastic mod, Beautiful truck with tons to customise and the V8 sound is perfect!

    HD Video tested on 1.30

  3. lordmodets2

    Very good, mod equivalent in quality to Scania RJL (the RJL that has only a small sin, does not have a real interior booth for the longline), I hope you keep the mod always updated, congratulations for the good work.

  4. jorgent97

    Hd video 1.30…

  5. Kevin Hahne

    the mod don’t funktioned at me.whats the problem??I have v1.30 beta.

    1. The Tracker

      You might have conflicts with other mods.
      Watch videos were made with version 1.30

  6. ILoneWolfI

    works fully on 1.28?

  7. does+anybody+know+why+my+laptop+dosent+download+the+scania+143M

    1. The Trucker

      Because this is SCANIA 3, however the link is OK just verified.

  8. All interiors except the Vabis interior is broken. No lights on the dashboard, no animations on the steering wheel. The Vabis wheel interior version works just fine though

  9. the+mirrors+of+this+truck+are+bad+quality+can+somebody+fix+it+please

  10. Fantastic old truck !! Is there a seperatly version of the freight pallets ?
    Or are there other versions of them ? I´ve got some trouble with the pallets. I would like to drive a bdf truck and carry the palletfreight. But at the previous version, there was a bug or something, cause with the freight on board my truck could not longer drive faster than 45 km/h. At the current version which is download contains the bug has gone, i can drive normaly 80 km/h, but i´ve got new issues with the steering. The truck has a huge turning circle, so i can´t turn left or right without crashing against trafficlights or sings or other vehicles. If i unload the freight everythings normal… ??!

  11. Not James

    Hey, thanks for this mod!
    I noticed that the steeringweel of the truck not steer. It is static. Also, al the warning lights in de dashboard dont work, such as indicator and handbrake lights.
    Hopefully you can do something with this information.

    1. Still not James

      Now I noticed that the steering wheel does turn with the white angel interieur and Vabis wheel. Dashboard lights also work. Standard, standard wood and white angel with standard steering wheel are not turning, and dashboard doesn’t work.

  12. Alessandro04


  13. @dr_jaymz

    LOVE the model, LOVE the sound but there are some problems with the interiors and the cargo pickup

    1. @dr_jaymz

      also no tires/bearings sounds

  14. Beautiful model! Thanks to all involved

    Tested on v1.30.14 without other mods

    It conflicts with the stock Volvo rear fenders (some sort of reflection issue)
    – to replicate, activate the 143 mod and than go to a Volvo shop.
    See the white rear fenders on most of the Volvo models ?!?

    Please try to fix it if You find some spare time.

    If You need screenshots of the issue, just leave a message here.

  15. leider verursacht das mod probleme mit Fahrwerk Chassis mit Volvo FH16

  16. I+want+to+ask+you+how+to+get+pallets+and+from+which+companies?

  17. trucks tn

    thanks for this mode its very good

  18. SCANIAlove


  19. SCANIA143mlove

    ets 2 1.34 plase

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