Scania 4 Series by Kirill Mladshev 1.30 / 1.31

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Scania 4 Series mod by Kirill Mladshev, 1.30 / 1.31 fix by Ugur Civan
Tested on 1.30 / 1.31 works great.

Kirill Mladshev, Ugur Civan


26 Responses to Scania 4 Series by Kirill Mladshev 1.30 / 1.31

  1. igeeeen says:

    I cant open the link i cant download it:p

  2. Nikolay says:

    Не скачивается,not found

  3. SiMoN3 ETS2 says:

    Fake dowload link

  4. Matthias Nielsen says:

    The link works for me.

    You have to delete the part from the link, so that you only have the part 🙂

  5. Kedi says:

    Good job dude !

  6. MarLIN says:

    SiMoN3 обычной для ets2 говорит иди на хуй сука тупая залупа хуй саси

  7. Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz says:

    takes fps ?

  8. SiMoN3 ETS2 says:

    Video test here .. Very nice truck but I don’t have no idea of what say the russian writings. Thanks at who wrote the correct download link in the comments 😀

  9. Unknow says:

    RJL Scania R/S have a 4-serie truck add-in and it has more possibilities to custom. Your mod is not interesting.

    • Ugur Civan says:

      This is not my mod mate I like this truck’s model and fix it if you dont love it dont download its easy 🙂

  10. idk says:

    Bad quality model

  11. VSSS1133 says:

    Better than RJL 4!

  12. Lamine says:

    Not compatibel whith vesion 1.30

  13. safak.cuce says:

    1.32 uyumlumudur acaba

  14. Mladen says:

    Please update for 1.32/1.33, there are a lot of warnings in the log about “incorrect file version 506d6713 – expected version 506d6714”
    Also, truck cables are not connected with the owned trailers!

  15. siavash says:

    not work in 1.30

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