Scania 4 Series Gauges

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The Scania 4 Series trucks from RJL is an awesome mod, I decided to slightly edit the gauges in the truck. I have seen many different types of gauges on the Scania 4 Series and wanted to recreate atleast one of them. I’m pretty sure that this gauge is stock, let me know if I am wrong.

What’s your opinion on this ?
Let me know below !

Kacperth Workshop, RJL


4 thoughts on “Scania 4 Series Gauges

  1. Benedettini

    Nice! Different tachograph. There is a dozen of different tachos in market, either can fit 😀


    Can you add real switches for the windows on the doors inside the cab ? Please !!!!


    And a gear lever

  4. i tnot real rjl has real gauges this is man tachograph

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