Scania 4 Series – Red Griffin V8 Skin


Red Griffin V8 skin for Scania 4 Series made by RJL.
“Never late in a V8”
^^This skin is compatible with other series from RJL.
Respect the download link!



6 thoughts on “Scania 4 Series – Red Griffin V8 Skin

  1. how did you place (and from which pack you took them) the lights and the “super”? because my attachments points are empty, no options, and i have 50keda accessories

    1. ScaWeedania

      I use the Scania RS Addons by powerkasi.

      1. apart from some points (lightboard, skirts, roofbars etc.) still no useful points on the front grille. I’ll explain myself better: when I choose the points on the front (i really want to put some lights and the super logo) i can’t select anything because the list of attachments it’s empty. where did you put the addons mod in the mod list? before or after the scanias?

        1. ScaWeedania

          I had the same problem as you, but I managed to solve it when I downloaded the lattest mod version from powerkasi, the scania RS Addons. I put them after the Scania mod. Addons have a higher priority than the Scania. It worked fine to me from the first try.

  2. Thanks for the skin mate !!! 🙂

  3. sheppardpat47

    Never late, but because migrants you will be lol

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