Scania 4 Series – Ronny Ceusters Metallic Skins + Lightboxes

ronny-ceusters-1 ronny-ceusters-2

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Two metallic Ronny Ceusters skins for Scania 4 Series (RJL): one for the Normal cab and the second one for the Topline cab.
Skins: Both of them are included in one single .scs file;
Lightboxes: It is very important that you must download first the following packs in order to use those lightboxes for Ronny:
– powerkasi Scania RS addons;
– powerkasi P8 Light & Accesorry pack v1.1.3;
After you downloaded those packs, you can then add the modded files in order to get the 3 lightboxes for Ronny.
All the credit for the lightboxes models is going to powerkasi, I only did the Ronny Ceusters skins for them.

Respect the download link!

Credits: ScaWeedania


6 thoughts on “Scania 4 Series – Ronny Ceusters Metallic Skins + Lightboxes

  1. WOWOWOW!! Nice skin!AMAZING work!

  2. Oudewater8

    Can you make also for the r serie and streamline? It looks amzing!

    1. ScaWeedania

      I will consider that in the future. Thanks for the feedback!

  3. MilanScania

    How about to make a trailer skin? It would be awesome combo 😀

    1. ScaWeedania

      Gonna consider that as well. Thanks!

  4. kenneth ottevanger

    Hello,can you tell me if there is a tuning pack with paintebel wheels?
    I had one but i lost it and saw this so i thounght maybe you know it?

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