Scania 4 v1.4


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Mod tested and working on v1.8 and 1.9
Mod added Scania 4 series, replace one of Scania R in truck dealer.
Truck have oryginal interior with animation, and advance tuning options.
In v1.0 available is Topline cab, and 2 chassis – plastic and metal.

Convert and edit: satan19990
Author for GTS: NewTon, Mr.Poland/Chudy/Wojtas, Anaheim i EDD123

Read more for more info.

Do not reupload!


Changes in v1.4
– Fixed fenders in 4×2 chassi
– Fixed bug with rain in interior
– Fixed wheel index errors for BDF chassis and trailers
– Fixed bug with resetting paint job
– Small sideskirts and tank in two version – plastic and metal
– Changes in mat files for sideskirts and fenders
– Added metal or plastic door frame
– Changes in steering wheel (brightness and shadows)
– Other small fixes in model

Changes in v1.3
– Fixed painted truck part (1.9 only)
– Fixed texture of seats and truck (thanks to Kamiks)
– Added new chassis for BDF version – 6×2 and 6×4-4 in plastic and metal version
– Added for bdf:
* profiliner in color or skin
* coolliner in color or skin
* flatbed
* logs
– Added spoiler for CR19 cab
– Fixed animation of fuel level, speedometer and rpm
– Small fixes in interior texture
– Changes in icon in workshop
– Other small fixes in model and definition

Changes in v1.2
– Fixed errors in paint job
– New mapping for topline cab (rear)
– Fixed painted mirrors
– Fixed position behind wheel
– Deleted fake computer in interior
– New slot in truck dealer – no 1
– Fixed error with rain in interior
– Fixed seats
– Other small fixes in model and definition

Changes in 1.1:
– added new cabin (CR19)
– added chassis 6×4 and 6×4-4
– added new painted mirrors
– new dashboard controls (thanks to Kamiks)
– fixed crash in quick job
– added telepass boxes
– fixed glass in interior
– fixed gps positio
– few small fixes in model and definition

27 thoughts on “Scania 4 v1.4

  1. Henri Pol

    What a great mod!! Do you have a v8 sound for it?


  2. Henri Pol

    Already found one! But there’s one problem. There aren’t any jobs available. You know how to fix it?

    Thank you

    1. Agent Smith

      Yep there are no jobs available but still great mod, I’ll probably use it if the mod creator will fix this problem.

    2. there is job availbel for me, but the download link is not the original poste where the truck is poste original so.

  3. simoschmitz

    Hi it’s a nice mod the only problem to me is that the game crashes and if you want to make this truck a ‘road train instead that the trailer chariot.

    1. mercure007

      Fake! it’s not a vidéo. it’s just a link to his youtube channel…

      1. mercure007

        A channel without truck vidéo… Evian what are you thinking with your link?

  4. tyrannix2342

    Polish Power Mod:)Dobra robota satan19990 najlepsza skakanka w sieci 🙂

  5. @dr_jaymz

    nice mod but has a problem: theres no jobs availables or all jobs are logs trailer for tandem

  6. satan19990

    If someone have problem with jobs its possible because promods map use this same files, what trailer for BDF.

  7. I have tsm map 4.7.No jobs availables.

  8. I don’t know if this was fixed, but I have a strange issue with delivering tandem trailers. The trailer keeps getting damaged and it doesn’t matter what speed I’m going, slow or fast. The more KM I drive, the more the damage meter rises.

  9. rubberduck

    I have th gameversion and the mod its not to run no in Job and in the Scania Dealer. Great Idea and give Aplause.

  10. rubberduck

    with addon Going east.

  11. nice mod…it is working just fine with me. jobs are available. im using 1.9.22. thanx for sharing but i would really appreciate it if u create an engine update of mayb at least 1000hp

  12. wow very nice mod thanks

  13. is that wood tandem prive??

  14. rubberduck

    It’s Working and what Loosing is the V8 Sound the 164L have not a V8 Sound can you this updaten ? and the Mirror on the Front under the Sunblend is not in the Tuningshop. And more PS 650 – 750 PS Motores Please.

    Great Mod Congratulation and is Systenfriendly.

    1. it’s an old truck, they don’t have front mirrors and also the scania 4 series didn’t have 650-750 HP engines

  15. TheComputerKid

    Could you make a right-hand drive interior next?

  16. dede9gamer

    Hello, how do i get the trailer in the game ???

  17. Stephen Pittock

    Doesnt work in 1.9.33 tried it cant find it

  18. RaggeBiff

    I can’t add those small orange lights to the grille :-/

  19. co tam

  20. marcelmeyer

    is working in 1.41

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