Scania 6×2/4 T. Edberg skin


If it should be made by others, every blind man/woman can
see the difference

Author: Freddy Jimmink

Feel free to distribute, but give credits and use original link!


12 thoughts on “Scania 6×2/4 T. Edberg skin

  1. bro where did you get the mudflap and painted mirror?

    about the skin, its looking very good, really something I would do lol

  2. nice paintjob.. 😉
    but why ‘re you still using Ghosttruck’s rear leds.. they worked only back in 1.3.1
    When SCS made 1.4.8 they changed it to 1 only.. meaning many light-, led- and trailer mods stoped working.. and Ghosttruck’s rear leds ‘re 1 of them that stoped working..

  3. Freddy Jimmink

    Thanks guys,

    The mudflaps i found in TC3 Mega mod (is here on the site)

    The flairs i took out of the Scania Holland style, and i like them better then the standard wich SCS made, all my lights from truck and trailer works properly in version 1.4.12 (higher i will not go right now because than i have some bugs in my game wich i can’t fix)


    Freddy Jimmink

  4. nope.. the rear leds from ghosttruck’s led mods does still not work.. those red leds you can see ‘re from the truck.pmd and truck pmg files.. from the scania V4 mod.. + the V4 mod also gets those white leds in the front grill and full painted cabin

  5. Freddy Jimmink

    I’ve tested the Flairs and LED’s on my trailer packs and they work on the ekeri and more trailers where i couldn’t see the light burning at night, now i can and now they do, also LED’s on the sides of trailers and trucks are working fine by me mate

  6. Jesus you really need some new glasses 😛 hehe
    here’s a picture showing what i mean

  7. i checked out all your sii files.. and i can they are the same from Ghosttruck’s rear led mod called Standlicht_LED and NO they are NOT working..

    they worked back in 1.3.1 only

  8. Freddy Jimmink

    I think we have a misunderstanding here Mr. T i use the flares in a flarepack

    Credits to Speedy666 and combined that with a selfmade flarepack by me

    That is why they work all in my game

  9. AND again.. helps on nothing.. Cuz Ghosttruck’s rear led used their own but in 1.4.8 SCS changed it the flare folder..
    so they will never work in 1.4+
    plz show me a pic where they works

  10. Here is a picture back from 1.3.1 where they worked:

  11. Freddy Jimmink

    Okay i see what You mean mate, but if You have a mod what does work give me pease?

  12. Linus Blockgren

    I dosent cant get the skin on

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