Scania \8/ R730 Light Edition


Standlone, with a tuning and wheels.

jon-ruda, fastalex, ventures, 50keda, deferz, axelrol.

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14 thoughts on “Scania \8/ R730 Light Edition

  1. blackheaven14

    very nice mod can u do so it works on 50kedas scania to?

  2. It works for Streamline ?

  3. very good.

  4. that trailer! *-*

  5. Нет вопросов. Я тоже делаю моды, но это сверх того что я умею

  6. Do i want these interior addons for MAN TGX?

    yes, please!!

    (Plus with a nice little curtain too!)


  7. Hello do you can vor 50KE scania? thanks

    MFG Black

  8. Nice job!Thx!

  9. GagahBerhad

    i hope next update is include new chassis 6×2/6×4 and with template

  10. PERFECT BLACK interior!!!!

  11. can you make the interior addons work with the standard r2009 ?

  12. TruckSimFan

    Nice mod. Clean, no errors.

    It can even work alongside the R730 by Punisher mod since they use different slots in the Scania dealer 🙂

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