Scania BDF


For the Game Version
Scania BDF by AU44 beta
Chassis: 4×2, 6×2 (with swivel sloth), 6×2 (with a raised sloth) 6×4.

Types Cabs Scania: Topline, Highline (with spoiler), standard.
Truck is registered on a separate slot!

Authors: AU44, ZilpZalp, Roadhunter, 50keda


13 Responses to Scania BDF

  1. mostwantedmt says:

    this is awesome, thanks

  2. bluemanc skins says:

    Nice truck just a shame its locked,would be nice to skin. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. dave says:

    Hi, can you please do this with a agromex skin? ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. PallMall says:

    yery good job and it works perfect

  5. wegger says:

    Amazing job!

  6. stelios says:

    great job … password please????

  7. Lucas95 says:

    pls give us an unlock version…and please make trailer standalone AU44

  8. beubeu09 says:

    bonjours c possible de faire un camion remorque tradictionnel c a dire remorque avec essieu directionnel sur pivot pivotant merci d avance cdlt

  9. Kie says:

    Best of the tandem mods in my opinion, just right…

  10. Steve says:

    Hello, please password?

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