Scania Big Tuning Mod v 1.0


In disem mod mods were several individual combines Truck Shop
1.4.x and 1.3.x runs smoothly

Authors: sky76, mahetta704, Blockenned83, Jennenz, Roadhunter, TC usw


8 thoughts on “Scania Big Tuning Mod v 1.0

  1. Poorly made mod, shade error and so on….
    Note, this is the only mod I had active

  2. truckfreak

    why or the doorsteps red and why does not work the gps anymore inside the cab?

  3. is this a truckshop by maghetto merged with TC’s mega mod?

  4. Hi, here is the viniskin and I wanted pedetir all, if someone has the file base.scs the ETS2 already extracted, you could send me the folder veichle (where is the trucks and trailers). I only need this folder to continue edits skins.

    note: I know the estrous aqruivo base.scs, but I do not want to spend so much memory on my computer just to make a paste.

    SEND TO MY E-MAIL: [email protected]

  5. viniskin… why do I see your name in almost every post in here today??? remember… Spam is only good in sandwhiches

  6. Sry I wrote here but I wish to know what truck shop mod suggest to keep and use in TSM 3.5 map. I have those truck shop mods:

    1.zzzzzzzzzz- truck shopV7+megamodV9
    2.zzTruck shop V8-1
    3.truck shop luci
    4.truck shop V4
    5.truck shop V7 mod
    6.truck shop V7
    7.truck shop V8-1
    8.Ultimate Truck shop

    Send me email : [email protected] or write comment here when email can’t send

  7. Joe Alker

    Doorsteps are red because that is the texture that appears when “Shader not found” Basically there is a missing texture.

  8. Is there a version that works with 1.18

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