Scania Black Edition

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Scania Black Edition Truck

Authors: man1997, 50keda, anaheim, mr.poland, shery0, SCS, Mattias P, Arnook, Alex, EED123, FChriss, FastAlex, Irishtrucker164, Punisher


12 thoughts on “Scania Black Edition

  1. What happend to the comments ? Why delete the comments ? Was this reposted or what actualy ?

    1. cool…if it wasn`t for those interiors coming out of cabin…jesus…who release something like that(dont seemed like 50keda`s work…

  2. Nice Truck ! Thanks!

  3. please remove clima on the roof and bullbar

  4. The actualy truck works,as a replacement for the original Punisher R2008. However,the default 50Keda paints don’t work and the interior is messed up with the camera leaning over the steering wheel ,in a very weird position. For the record,it actualy looks like it’s the truck Julian made,with a bit of tweaks,not sure if it was planned to be released in this form.

  5. Needs to be able to skin too !!!!

  6. Needs to be able to skin too !!!!

  7. Абдуль

    Кусок говна блять с кривыми матами, причём которые надо переделывать.

  8. tukangsoto

    may i edit that truck, for i use own

  9. New link please 🙁

  10. Nice!!

  11. is the truck open for modders

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