Scania black wheels


Tested on 1.3.1
Author: Deividi Dias


8 thoughts on “Scania black wheels

  1. don´t work for me, with new profile

    what must I do

  2. Lalalalaalalalalalaalalala

    Same here. Mod dont work for me. Have only Activated a Map-Mod and that Wheels Mod but dont works 🙁 Pls help that Wheels look awesome on the picture!

  3. OK Remove all Your wheels out of trucks and ai traffic, leave in tralierpacks and ai traffic the trailer wheels and try again?

  4. Lalalalaalalalalalaalalala

    Does it make sense? Because i am not using any Mod only TruckSimMap and that Wheel Mod here :S

  5. I will test it without any modszzzzzz

    This is a must have MOD…. TYVMuch

    1. we need the wheel *.dds files for this mod
      we get the sideskirts files >Lol

      – thats the prob…guys

  6. No Dope No Hope, LOL – No fantastic wheels

    This is a Scania R \8/ sideskirts 6x2_6x4 Mod

  7. dont work for me

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