Scania black/amber interior

Author: STiG


8 thoughts on “Scania black/amber interior

  1. it`s good

  2. This is AWESOME!!!!!!

  3. Great! Locked archive make mod impossible to merge… 🙁

  4. LOVE IT!!!!

  5. Thank you! Please make a black-and-white, combined version (interior paneling, seats).

  6. Very nice interior, shame its locked though as there are few things i would change, ie heads up display could be bit brighter when lights are on, and stereo is default and ugly.
    Any chance u could post password for archive STiG ?

    Cmon its only an interior, not sure why u would lock it anyway 😉

  7. Can you make this exact mod but for the right hand drivers? It looks spectacular

  8. Its Good,Please create for MAN and DAF Version.

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