Scania Blue Interior Reloaded V1.1


More customized version of Scania Blue Interior. If you have machine
to handle it, change scaling to 400% from options. Looks bit better
that way.

Author: Zero


9 thoughts on “Scania Blue Interior Reloaded V1.1

  1. Total G, All you do is click the name of the file at the top and it’ll automatically start downloading.

  2. Beautiful.

  3. Beautiful interior…

  4. Blinker light fixed, sorry about that my bad –

  5. Hello mate .. super nice interior ?
    can you make something in the dashboard ?

    like V8 Logo in the one Circle ?
    and the Scania Gryphin in the another cicle ?

  6. Sorry mate, I just hate when there’s something background in dials :/

    1. zero response. please send an email to my interior
      file should not look down.

  7. Oh yeah i see now 😀 sorry, just not a clear download button for me.

  8. reloading

    Zero, I would like to download this file , I get that it can not find the file . So , please send me the Interior file to my email . I’ll write you a reply e-mail .

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