Scania Brasil Style

Scania-Brasil-Style-1 Scania-Brasil-Style-2

Scania Brasil Style Truck
The mod works on version 1.9.x.try in others

Author: Matias Barria


5 thoughts on “Scania Brasil Style

  1. ”Style”

  2. not walk the game crashes (no anda se sale el juego)

  3. This “Brazil style” phrase actually scares people off, when it comes to ETS mods.

  4. Kann mir jemand sagen wie das der ETS 2 bei mir abstürz wenn ich den LKW im Spiel drin hab der Lauft ja gar nicht unter der Version 1.9.2

  5. LuluKoprie

    I’m brazilian, I play Euro Truck Simulator, and I hate all the “brazilian” mods that are here. Our english is not good (sorry for that), but our mods… (are trash, I know). So, to the ADMs and others viewers, sorry you all.

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