Scania C&M Transports v2


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Scania C&M Transport V2 for 1.25.
-HQ Skin
-Supporting DLC

New: redone .mats, fixed skin, changed manifest, fixed minor bugs, adapted for 1.25.

Use only original link please.

Caspian, Molotov, Fenix


15 thoughts on “Scania C&M Transports v2

  1. crash in 1.25!!also tried just no other mods!!!!!

    1. Joe the gamer

      Give us the gamelog.txt with the errors when your game crashed…

  2. Test 1.25 Video on my Youtube Channelł PL

  3. miaoumixed


    Thank you for this mod, I really enjoy
    driving new trucks.

    I shall test it as soon as possible and hope everythings will be fine.


  4. joe the gamer where i find the gamelog.txt with error?thanks!

    1. TheGreenlightTrucker

      In your DOCUMENTS -> Euro Truck Simulator 2.

      The “mod” folder is there too.
      The log file’s name is: game.log.txt
      Open it with “Editor” 😉

      I hope you understand & find it.

      Best regards by #TheGreenlightTrucker.

    2. Download the mod again its looks like u got a corrupted download mod works fine.

  5. Mak-Kyver

    RJL Scanias are still better, but nice job!

    1. RJL scanias are a class of its own just like Viper2 Peterbilt389 for ATS this is a custom truck and its a verry good one.Thx for sharing Caspian, Molotov, Fenix and keep on the good work

    2. TeddyBear

      rjl is just rework of scs base.
      doesnt look anywhere near as good as anaheims R and T cab base.
      entire shape of cab is 200000% more realistic in everyway.
      try compare scs/rjl cab with a real R08/009/2014 streamline cab and see which looks more like the real deal of rjø and anaheim.

      1. Mak-Kyver

        atleast RJL scanias i get possibility choose parts what i like, not modder choice.. and its enough quality, other models are just truck what you can just drive and you say that quality… well Teddy.. you might be right, but i bet that most of players want build “own look” truck.. not quality “ready packet”.. and thats why RJL Scanias are best at this moment 🙂 . But nice that there is many trucks on public share!

    3. In what way? ####

  6. Kir Dex 16

    Can u make it work for Ats properly? Since it was also made for there

  7. Kir Dex 16

    can this be made to work in ats?

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