Scania Concept R1000 v 2.2

scania-concept-r-1000-1 scania-concept-r-1000-2

New Scania Truck – Scania Concept R1000

Author: Rombec1977, DanielRG, David b.l, ETS2MOD


21 Responses to Scania Concept R1000 v 2.2

  1. Michael Andersen says:

    Great truck nicer done but plz create some skins for it

  2. Freddy Jimmink says:

    I am not a Scania fan, but this is a BEAUTY!

    Alltough i have 2 questions:

    1. Why do i get Version 1.0 at download and is in text v 2.2?

    2. Is it possible to make a template so the skinners can make a very nice skin on it?

    Keep up the good work! Muy bien!


    Freddy Jimmink

  3. Freddy Jimmink says:

    Sorry admin forgot 1 number in my e-mail

  4. human says:

    What truck it replace, please if you put new truck or other like trailers version in up to downlaod then please write that what it replace and what type of mods can make game crash if this is possible to wrote, Thanks

  5. Gameplay Review says:

    ETS 2. TSM Map 2.2.1. Scania Concept R1000 v 2.2. Real Environment Dimension™ Expert 2. Обзор / Review

  6. human says:

    Thanks very useful video and truck is nice. I have one question how big is this scania truck fuel tank

    • batak says:

      700+700l,and just wander, why when you go on to trip truck color is only shine silwer, no mater if I chose black or red or some other color?

  7. petros7 says:

    first its an AMAZING concept car!!
    but i have some questions
    1. Is this a standalone truck?
    2. Its compatible with 1.3.1?
    3. This mode doesnt conflict with Volvo R700 2012 mod, right?
    Thanks again for this great mode!

  8. 김성곤 says:

    It is a good skin.
    The right mirror is a bug.

    • human says:

      What is bux exactly are this make game crash or dont see for this mirror in the cabin

  9. Beet says:

    Great job. Two questions about this:
    1 You can not do that as a complement to the R700 rather than to replace it entirely?
    2 Could be the mirror (in the interior) graphically customize the exterior?

  10. conor10 says:

    This is not a scania r1000 from the cabin. Only the outer structure of the truck.
    I hope and properly placed

  11. ETS2MOD says:

    This is a version 1.0
    version 2.2 is a fake.

    Coming soon will be updated and correcting errors, to be informed of all just come to the website that is included in the. Rar

  12. Szetland1971 says:

    Could someone put the short sides of 6×2 6×4 for all cars and engines (chipengine)
    or tell me where to be found.

  13. Pelle says:

    Scanian is stylish but it takes a lot of fuel, you need to refuel often.

  14. Pelle says:

    It would fit with a 3axlad truck

  15. 2x2 says:


  16. Awez says:

    It’s not working on 1.3.1 how do iWork it?? Can anybody can tell me??

  17. Tomtom says:

    Is it compatible with 1.1.x ?

  18. Maury Jean says:

    bonjour il ai tres beau le r1000 papy50

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