Scania Concept R1000


Scania Concept R1000 Truck update for 1.13.x version

Authors: Ets2Mod, Rombec1977, Ignition8


8 thoughts on “Scania Concept R1000

  1. Can I have a screenshot from the Interior?

  2. AlexCrazy

    it’s no update, but old mod from 1.7 patch

  3. may not be an update as such ut it been updated trun on patch 1.13.x and its a nice truck well done thanks

  4. I used this a year ago with no problems, but now as soon as you start engine ETS2 crashes to desktop.

  5. Crash on version !

  6. I’ve tryed it on the latest version of the game and came straight to the desktop…. So no good :(….

  7. OK I tested this and 3.0,3.5 from the same group of authors I believe it gets a little complicated with all this versions and authors however every one of them suffers the same issue with the 1000HP engine. If it stays selected once you buy the truck and want to start the engine the game crash to desktop . This behavior goes with other tuning engines no matter regarding HP.If you select stock 730HP engine then it works at least in my case .
    ETS2+DLC GE v +TSM 5.2

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