Scania curtains mod


With this mod you can add curtains for Scania truck.



11 Responses to Scania curtains mod

  1. jimmy says:

    BY VLASTA!!!

  2. Uxot says:

    god damn curtains for trucks are so terribly looking bad

  3. Jens S says:

    Why can´t I see them from the interior? Pretty useless to have curtains you can´t see from inside -.-

  4. Vlasta says:

    hey…my curtain and my flags !!!!

  5. Team ETS2Skins says:

    Author: Vlasta so? If You are Vlasta what’s wrong?

  6. jimmy says:

    he basically stole it… I have suspicions tht he may be a mod thief!

    • Vlasta says:

      when someone modifies and given author, all is well. Therefore credits in readme files in original mod download
      it is grace featuring the original author

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