Scania Dark Line Exclusive Interior

Scania-Dark-Line-Exclusive-Interior-3 Scania-Dark-Line-Exclusive-Interior-2 Scania-Dark-Line-Exclusive-Interior-1

Dark Line Exclusive Interior for Scania Truck

Author: unicorn0007


9 thoughts on “Scania Dark Line Exclusive Interior

  1. EddSteelSeries

    short presentation video

  2. ### does that video have to do with this mod geo ? yours is a vid for trailers?

  3. Great interior ! Thanks so much!

  4. If I apply the mod I only get the last interior from the picture. How do I change it?

  5. Where should I put the files? isnt possible to make a .scs file?

    1. Sorry, i didnt look at the file so close. Never mind my question.

  6. Wish this interior worked in the Scania T

  7. Can’t extract successfully. Bullshit !

    No thanks, You don’t deserve !

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