Scania dashboard computer v 3.9.3 for 1.25


Mod update for this mod version

Added forgotten daily trip distance, shown on fuel display only on odometer place.
Damage warning triangle icon changed to red flashing light.


DOWNLOAD 470 KB [Mirror]

12 thoughts on “Scania dashboard computer v 3.9.3 for 1.25

  1. Piratxxx11

    Nice 🙂 Thanks !!


    any chance for scania RJL?

    1. RJL supported both version of dashboard 5 and 6 series

  3. It’s great
    Thanhs, thanks and thanks

  4. Great mod! Does this mod still make that sound every few minutes? If it does it makes my frame rate drop. Can you stop the chime, please?

  5. Nice mod! Can you stop the random chime sound please? It makes my frame rate drop every time that happens.

    1. Change .ogv file to any video without sound with the same name as in mod.

  6. Спасибо !

  7. Francesco

    compliments piva!

  8. Alexander

    Please add the indicators and dipped beam parking lamps

  9. veteranumeister

    Nice. Will you update the gauges mod for rjl truck please?

  10. Please add indicators and parking lights crossing

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