Scania DC13 engine sound mod

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As i said in my last video, i have recorded a Scania with a DC13 engine, euro6.
I’m happy tonight to tell you that the sound mod is finished.

This truck has been recorded with my Zoom H5 recorder.
Each range of 100rpm has been recorded and put in the game.
I’m pretty happy with the final result, the sound is good !

I hope you will enjoy it too.
This sound mod has been made for many Scania mods, i made it working with the SCS, RJL, Fred, Scania P and G by Sogard3.
The DC13 engine is an euro6 straight 6 cylinders. So you’ll have to choose the proper engine in the shop.
The Scania i use in this video is the Fred’s Scania reworked.



15 thoughts on “Scania DC13 engine sound mod

  1. TheGreenlightTrucker

    Sounds great. Thank you 😉

  2. PolishDriverTruck

    Best mod sound Kriechbaum
    Video Test 1.36…

    1. why another video noob?

    1. Why another video, beggar?

  3. Василий Игнатьевич Шаргало

    у меня Scania S звук не меняется все двигателя менял одно и тоже а этот звук не работает, может я что то не так делаю

  4. Jaki typ jest tej Scani

  5. I like truck

    Wow?! Kriechbaum?. Very realistic Scania straight 6 cylinders sound?. Thank you for your best work again?.

  6. Thank you Kriechbaum, great sound mod!

  7. That is EVR’s recording, its just been muffled to hide the fact its stolen….

    1. ???

    2. No, they are not, they sound different, also that shhh does not sound from that of EVR, Kriechbaum got a professional sound system to record …

  8. Janos Szime

    Thank You !! Just Perfect !!

  9. Hi bro nice mod .looking for Scania dc 13 Euro 3 Scania engine mod can you kindly take this requet

  10. sounds same as my e3 scania R420 with 12 litre HPI engine

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