Scania Display Rework

Scania Display Rework-3 Scania Display Rework-2 Scania Display Rework-1

Display rework for Scania. Based on mod by Kuba141 with some parts of mod by Homers.

– Three options display “fuel”(Kuba Style, Homers Style, 50k Style)
– Warning indicators(low fuel warning, non-modal damage warning)
– Navigation distance(Kuba Style, 50k Style)

Tested on: 1.17.1s
Parts: Kuba141, Homers

Author: Shineslip


9 Responses to Scania Display Rework

  1. Shineslip says:


  2. La_FuAzz says:

    Does it work with RJL’s Scania R mod?

  3. Reaper says:

    First things first.
    All of them are nice altough not 100% accurate to the real deal of streamline.
    Second is that if you choose the V8 interior the display should now have a V8 emblem instead of the scania emblem, this does not work in GTM scania OR RJL..

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