Scania Display

scania display

Green Display For Scania Truck

Author: Zonder


5 Responses to Scania Display

  1. Kissenfeldt says:

    A very cool Display is it possible for you to make with Red background lightning would look so cool in my Scania R680 V8 🙂

    Regards Kissenfeldt

  2. Trucksimguy says:

    Could you please make a dark blue version

  3. Andreas says:

    Hallo das ist ja ein super Display wäre schön wenn ich das Passwort bekommen könnte danke…lg Andreas

  4. George says:

    Mate, the display is very well made, but it has a tiny problem. Whenever the speed is higher than D9 the D is right on the green bar next to it. I hope you will fix it in a next update!

    Take a look at this pic to see for yourself!


  5. trucker richy says:

    i have a question. How do you get the green light to come on, i know it is a pretty lame question but i have tried other similar mods and still dont get to see the light on my console. Is it something to do with my graphics settings? or maybe a conflict with another mod?

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