Scania Display

scania display

Green Display For Scania Truck

Author: Zonder


5 thoughts on “Scania Display

  1. Kissenfeldt

    A very cool Display is it possible for you to make with Red background lightning would look so cool in my Scania R680 V8 🙂

    Regards Kissenfeldt

  2. Trucksimguy

    Could you please make a dark blue version

  3. Hallo das ist ja ein super Display wäre schön wenn ich das Passwort bekommen könnte danke…lg Andreas

  4. Mate, the display is very well made, but it has a tiny problem. Whenever the speed is higher than D9 the D is right on the green bar next to it. I hope you will fix it in a next update!

    Take a look at this pic to see for yourself!


  5. trucker richy

    i have a question. How do you get the green light to come on, i know it is a pretty lame question but i have tried other similar mods and still dont get to see the light on my console. Is it something to do with my graphics settings? or maybe a conflict with another mod?

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