Scania EuroTrans skin


Author: Zonder (truck.pmd truck.pmg by maghetto704)


3 thoughts on “Scania EuroTrans skin

  1. blackened83

    and another stolen this skin

  2. Sir Reginald sheepshagger ( DFC) retd

    isn’t that naughty, tutt tutt tutt, whatever is the internet comming to when GRAND THEFT SKIN is runnig rampant and unchecked,

    is there nobody to stand up for this heinous crime ?

    there should be FLOGGINGS for this blatant & malicious wanton theft,

    ” DONT do it again as its VERY VERY naughty ”

    there you go me old fruit :0 that put em in there place hahahhaa

  3. Freddy Jimmink

    Nobody steels, Everybody makes what he likes,

    And if You don’t like your work to be copyrighted,
    go find another hobby or stop!

    But leave us enthausiastic people in peace and do our hobby!

    Thanking You forwarding,


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