Scania Evolution

Scania-Evolution-1 Scania-Evolution-2

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Scania Evolution Truck

Authors: Mastersofspain, Blade1974


8 thoughts on “Scania Evolution


  1. Я сосу у кенгуру, я не мужик, а тупой мудак! Чтоб я сдох, ебаный гоболиз. Трахните меня в попу и дайте мне в рот! Россия дерьмо, я чмо, гоба тварь…

  2. Freddy Jimmink

    This is again an exsample how to rape a truck!

    1. hahahaha!!Nice one!!!…I don’t like this ####!!!…Lol

      1. This is ######, like seriously? why would you need 4 exhausts on side of your truck, i understand Holland style while it’s side pipes with 4 holes, like this – , when it looks ####. But this, i just got no words, disaster.

  3. hmm… it’s same as ‘SCANIA R700 LUX…

  4. Do you have a car dealership in every city
    I’m this mode should not be applied
    How do I use the must-mode

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