Truck Shop V8.1


This is the Scania tuning shop V 2.0

– Extreme lighting changes
– Signs and symbols
– New cabs
– Scania tires
– Many different lights and neon
– Suspension
– Tuning kits
– Many skins
– Motors (1010 hp)

Authors: Maghetto704


29 Responses to Truck Shop V8.1

  1. FREESTYLE765 says:


  2. yra says:

    Ребят! я что-то не понимаю. А что на SCANIO, сошолся клин. Почему таких модов нет на DAF,VOLVO,и т.д.почему модостроители не могут сделать , либо общий мод, либо для каждой модели?Почиму я любитель DAF-а, должен слюньки глатать?

  3. Baba says:

    the next attempt existing mod new release

    by KevinTom

  4. Kissen91 says:

    can you use another download page ?

  5. gts2013 says:

    Who are those mods Download, Use child is a victim of the trucks has no idea and the creator is the greatest sacrifice of all …

  6. Mak-Kyver says:

    Where is read “KALSA YOU MUST USE THIS”? are you only person whole world who play ets2 ? maybe someone else like this so if that is your only opinion, just be quiet! dont bother write here!!! where is your mods???
    so FU and like you say “Go kill yourself.”

  7. Bart van Ham says:

    It’s a shame that modders like Maghetto have such an extreme taste of truck modifications, cause the mod is not that bad, the parts are 😉

    But the title says v8.0 and the description says v2.0. That’s what you get when everybody uses the same names for their mods.

  8. Willers says:

    I have to deactivate the old version 7 and Add-On 7.1???

  9. yra says:

    Maghetto704 , для DAF, когда ожидать , подобный мод?

  10. DanielR says:

    Many skins eh?? I only got 2 and its the vigil du fuco and the other one. I guess two is considered many skins these days..

  11. kenny jensen says:

    can not make a misling to everyone else does not work

  12. asdasdasdsfwa says:

    cool god olm süper

  13. WheytoDUNCit says:

    Is there anyway that someone can upgrade this mod to work on 1.4. Loved this mod with the lowered suspension and the LED lights that were available. Make the trucks look much nicer.

  14. ajiseno20 says:

    Here, the mod is 91mb, but when i press the download button it’s size just 33 mb…where is the right one?

  15. rahul says:

    would it work with 1.5.2s ???

  16. mico 01 says:

    chassis works,but when i try to change cabin game crashes.i have v1.5.1

  17. WheytoDUNCit says:

    Doesn’t work on 1.6.1s, in which is disappointing. This was quite easily my personal favourite mod. Any chance someone can do an update on the mod?

  18. Руслан says:

    делайте моды для всех грузовиков особенно на тему о неонах и дисках! можно и о карбоне подумать))

  19. GoGA_krawa says:

    plz make it for volvo FH 2013
    plz plz plz plz

  20. mike says:

    work for game?

  21. scania says:

    Work for 1.9.22s ???

  22. LeoSSom says:

    This mod does not woeks in new version 1.11.s many parts of trucks render in red parts all over the truck. I had to remove the mod. This mod worked well up to version 1.19.24.

  23. efe says:


  24. arno deryck says:

    the game crashes when i try to take another cabin and som other parts :'(

  25. setan anthony says:

    I have the 1.16.2 patch for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and I tried all versions of Truck Shop on my Scania R but each time put a chassis Truck Shop it turns red. I’m changing all other parts of the truck but it is still red.
    Then there was there a specific version of Truck Shop in 1.16.2 patch?
    or should I do something else?
    thank you

  26. Milton says:

    update the mod for 1.23.x.x and future versions of the game?

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