Scania Fan Trailers Pack v 1.0

Welcome to my Scania FanTrailer-Pack v1.0.0!

In this package you can find 10 trailers with scania skins.
All Trailers are completely reworked for ETS2 v 1.26.x with the actual ETS2Studio beta-Version
In cause of this, this package writes errors to the log. But ingame it is errorfree and stable!

Models: 4x Krone Profiliner by MDModding
5x Schmitz Universal by MDModding
1x Fruehauf Maxispeed Lift by SamGT13

All Skins created by scania_dragon based on an original Logos, images and live seen trailers
Credits: MDModding, SCS, samgt13, scania_dragon

All trailers are standalone and given to the ai-traffic
DLC North is recommended
Compatible to ETS2 v 1.26.x

For possible updates please visit and read my blog on
Screenshots are included in screenshot gallery:

Kind regards to you, scania_dragon

MDModding, SCS, samgt13, scania_dragon


4 Responses to Scania Fan Trailers Pack v 1.0

  1. scania_dragon says:

    for explanation: this package contains ten trailers.
    Nine of them are present in package five of my former Trailer&Cargo Pack (Package 5 – Scania Trailer Pack).
    This package is now an update for ETS2 patch 1.26.x.
    And it contains one new trailer.
    Hope you have fun!

  2. mtrmarivaldotadeu says:

    what new version ETS Studio??

  3. Mako8841 says:

    Where to download new version?

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