Scania Ferrari skin 2


Author: Dieliton Brito


11 thoughts on “Scania Ferrari skin 2

  1. Gaston Se7en

    Nice paint job, but I would like to have those wheels, please!

  2. Why do you want them? They are ugly as ####..

    1. Gaston Se7en

      I’m an American! [head down, shaking] LOL!!:)

      1. Shame on you.. Let me give you a link to some proper wheels.

  3. If you put wheels and tyres like that on a real truck you might as well make it a bare shell and just sit looking at it, if that ridiculous level of bling is really your thing, because it wouldn’t actually be able to do what it’s designed to do anymore on wheels like that, at all.
    You realise that, yeah?

    I guess it’s just a game…. but… I mean…. lol

  4. These are for DAF but I use them on any truck since they are so awesome quality wise, atleast until someone releases something better.

    1. Gaston Se7en

      I have those, they are great, I use them, but call me unusual I guess!! And no, I would never dream of putting them on a real rig!!

  5. Good choice Quarazhi, I use those wheels too 🙂

  6. What can I say I like my trucks simple and clean. Sometimes that sucks cause not many people do mods that fit in on my trucks. But I am really just waiting for some high qually Bullbars and Highbars.

  7. I think I’m what you’d call a High Poly #####.

    1. Gaston Se7en

      No, that’s cool!! I know it’s something that a real rig would never have on it, nor could the wheels handle the weight of the rig, but I kinda like the look!! 🙂

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