Scania G Modifications V1.1 for ETS2 version 1.27 by JVS9018 – Updated by Nazgûl

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This is a reworked version of JVS9018’s Scania G Modifications; all PMG and TOBJ errors were fixed, and adapted for 1.27.

Fully standalone mod, it doesn’t replace anything. You can find the truck from Scania dealer.

Content list:
-Short, Day, Low, Normal, Highline and Topline cabins.
-4×2, 6×2, 6×2/4, 6×2*4, 6×4, 8×2/*6, 8×4/4, 8×4*4, 10×4/6, 10×4*6 and 10×6/4 chassis.
-Scania Euro 6 interiors.
-Euro 3, Euro 4, Euro 5 and Euro 6 engines.
-8, 9, 12 and 14 speed gearboxes with 2.71, 3.08 and 3.42 rear differentials.
-Wide range of R1, R2 and Streamline parts.
-Plastic and paintable chassis + a lot of Scania stock parts.
-Many custom and tuning parts.
-Compatible with Cabin Accessories, National Window Flags and Mighty Griffin DLCs (separate compatibility addons required)
-And something more…

Known issues:
-Some parts might produce a visible collision with each other. You need to choose their correct combination yourself.

Nazgûl, JVS9018


23 thoughts on “Scania G Modifications V1.1 for ETS2 version 1.27 by JVS9018 – Updated by Nazgûl

  1. Pls made Scania P.

    1. Nice guess 🙂 The Scania P is indeed my next project, besides updating the Scania G and my 1800 Degrees Steering Wheel Animations mods.

  2. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

  3. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.27…

  4. How i can make skin for it?

    1. Just like any other truck.

      I hope to include some skins in the next version, but I can’t promise it.

  5. Well done Nazgûl 🙂

  6. wolfman54

    how do you install this mod

  7. wolfman54

    how do you install this mod as its not a scs file ..thanks in hand

    1. The same way you’d install an SCS – just place the Zip file in your mod folder, and activate through the mod manager.

      1. wolfman54

        thanks nazgul top mod

  8. crash

    00:08:30.731 : FIXME: Texture update failed (/vehicle/truck/upgrade/taillights/scania_gcab_edit/textures/rear_bumper_1.tobj)
    00:08:30.731 : [fs] Failed to open file “/vehicle/truck/upgrade/taillights/scania_gcab_edit/textures/ ” in the read_only mode
    00:08:30.731 : [ld] Failed to open ‘/vehicle/truck/upgrade/taillights/scania_gcab_edit/textures/ ‘.
    00:08:30.731 : [fs] Failed to open file “/vehicle/truck/upgrade/taillights/scania_gcab_edit/textures/ ” in the read_only mode
    00:08:30.731 : [ld] Failed to open ‘/vehicle/truck/upgrade/taillights/scania_gcab_edit/textures/ ‘.
    00:08:30.731 : [tobj] NULL texture data

    1. Missing textures almost never make the game crash – the model typically just shows up red, instead of with the texture..

      Please make sure that no other conflicting mods are running (remove all of them, make sure that the mod alone works, and then slowly add the mods back one by one, and see which one makes it not work).

      I’m pretty sure that no textures were missing on the mod, but I’ll what I can do.

    2. I finally got to check it, and the rear_bumper1.tobj is just fine and runs perfectly on my computer; it seems like it’s something specific to your case, though it will be hard to pinpoint it without first trying to run it alone and seeing what happens.

  9. Why a black block?
    I don’t use any mod except Scania G

    1. This never happened to me..
      For the sake of debugging, could you provide me with a list of the parts you used on the truck (Engine, Chassis, Cabin, Accessories, etc.), so that I’ll be able to find the faulty one, if indeed there is?

      1. I am Danny.

        I think the black block bug’s problem in chassis.
        When I choose the short chassis. It is never happened the black bug.
        But when I choose the long chassis(all long). It always happened the black bug.
        So……. Very thank you.

        If you in demand. I can upload my test video to you.
        But… Please tell me. Thanks

        1. Another guy and I seem to have found the problem.
          A fix will be included in the next version, so there’s no need to worry.

          I guess that you could just use some other chassis for the time being, until I release the new version (within a week or so).

          1. Thank you to debug!

  10. My game crashed (1.27.###) when I tried to change the rear bumper, I hope you can fix that bug. Cause it’s a nice mod 🙂

  11. Gerry Juang

    Sorry for my bad english. SCANIA P and G series mod is really fun, I hope to continue to update to 1.31, please! ><

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