Scania G420 1.32

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Scania G420 Attractive V1.32

– It Is Strictly Forbidden To Break And Edit Mode ! I’IL START LEGAL ACTION!


-There Are Plenty Of Slots In The Car. (Whether You Prefer Faça Or Plain.)
– There’s A Slot Machine In The Car. (For Example, When You Select The Tile, Special Tile Slots Are Displayed.So Watch Carefully )
– There Are Wheels And Tires In The Car.
-There Are 119 Paint Options In The Car.
– FlarePack Is Available. So The LEDs Are More Beautiful Yanıcak So It Is Recommended That You Take The Top Of The Mode Ranking.
– There’s Centipede Physics In The Car.(Select The Centipede Motor If You Want It To Be Cumbersome.)
-The Car Has A Real Recorded G420 Sound.
– There Are Four Types Of Cases. (Bodyer,Frigo-Frigo Color-Tincture Case)
There Are Three Fender Options.
– There Are Four Buffer Options.
There Are Four Front Shutters.
-There’s A Super-Writing Option On The Shutters.
– There Are Three LED Options. (Orange-White-Red)
– Front Shutters Are Chrome Trimmed.
– Chrome Headlamp Wire.
– There’s An Exhaust Smoke Option.
There Are Varieties -4 Piece Spoiler.
There Are Three Shutters And Chassis LEDs.
– There Are 1 Horn Model. (H + N))
– There Are Three Types Of Load. (Pattis-Eggplant-Cucumber)
– 8×4 skirts for Chassis option is Mevuttur.
– Sticker Option Is Available On The Front And Side Windows.
-There’s A Halo Light Set On The Top.
It’s Three Mop Positions.
There Are 9 Stop Headlamps.
There Are Three Pieces Of Writing Behind The Bodywork.
– There Are Five Car Lights.
-If You Select The First One, You Can Install Double Tape From Accessories.
If you select the second, the GPS tape is ready.
There Are 5 Pieces Of Ornaments Behind The Cabin.
There Are Two Ceiling Tassels.
– There Are Four Kinds Of Flooring. (Gray-Red-Blue-Mavi2))
There Are Six Baklava Coatings.(White-Red-Blue-Brown-Beige-Powder)
– Four Curtain Sets. (Red-Powder-Blue-Brown)
There Are Four Rearview Mirrors. (Red-Powder-Blue-Brown)
-Rocking Air Pistol-Pioneer Speaker-double tape and iPhone XS cabin accessory are available .

-Game Version 1.32.x

Those Who Contributed:
Vehicle: Patron59
Edit+Fix+Def: Harun Aras
Frigo: Foreigners
Body: mtkrz
Loads: Bucali
Chassis Parts: Abdulkadir Ayva
Curtain Set, rearview mirror and flooring: Ibrahim Efe Güvenç
Fender,led and headlamp Wire: Artin Kazanciyan.
Ceiling Tassel and cabin back ornament: Cemil Ramazanoğlu
Captain’s letter and exhaust smoke: Mehmet Ali Bayat
Stops: ALP Bey,Münir Temiz,Metehan Bilal, Scs
By Baklava: Berkay Aksoy
Top hella team: 50kda
Behind The Cabin Decoration: Cemil Ramazanoğlu, Deniz Yıldırım
Wheel and tire: niksarlı
Edit And Collection Are Entirely Mine.

Patron59 and HarunAras


11 thoughts on “Scania G420 1.32

  1. The game is crashing 1.32

    1. mehrab rjl 8000

      are you sure?
      i test it on 1.32.3 and work perfect

  2. JGaming HD

    Hd video 1.32…

  3. Very good mod 1.32 doesnt crash work perfect!

  4. Bodyguardxp

    ETS 2 – SCANİA G420 KIRKAYAK Mod [1.32]

  5. Tırcı52

    Hocam 580mb indiriyorum sonunda takılıp kalıyor ağ hatası diyor galiba link kırldı. Tekrar upload eder misin?

  6. mustafa demir senin modu editleip tekrar mı paylaşmış bana mı öyle geldi

    1. karsiyakali1912

      Saate Baktınmı acaba ben ondan önce paylaştım modu biz emek hırsızı değiliz!

  7. indiriyorum ama arşiv hasarlı diyor nedendir?

  8. mod u nereden indiliriyoruz ? ben mi göremedim?

  9. Yusuf Emre AYAZ


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