Scania G420 4 Axes




10 thoughts on “Scania G420 4 Axes

  1. AGAIN!!? another brazilian piece of ####.

  2. Yeah next Fcking PLASTIC mod,what the fck?Stop modeling ######

  3. Maartenwillem

    Hahaha that brasilian Scania is like a bad nightmare …. Every day or two it comes back back back back ..

  4. Trucker-Speelduur

    I think this is Turkish, look at the pictures and then to the text. There is a turkish flag on it.

  5. WHY, WHY, WHY….?

  6. Sorry pal, but you’re missing textures and shadows and… So on. I don’t know if it looks like a finished product to you, but if used, this truck would ruin game’s looks. Better luck next time, don’t give up.

  7. ananızı sikerim kankama düzgün yorum atın piçler

    1. leti7kedil

      İstemsizce güldüm as.dçaSDf

  8. Bakın amını dölledimin insanlar bu çocuk emek sarfediyo ağzımı açtırmayın please emeğe saygı

  9. bunları anaları doğurmamış sıçmış amk

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