Scania Glass Sticker V2

This mode adds a glass sticker to the game.

This mode works on all Scania trucks.

Enjoy it.
Bu mod oyuna bir cam çıkartması ekler.

Bu mod Tüm Scania tırlarda çalışır.

Keyfini Çıkarın.



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5 thoughts on “Scania Glass Sticker V2

  1. When using the files of other authors (schulli) it would be correct
    also add their name in the credits.

  2. Credits:
    MLT , Schulli

    1. You are a very intelligent person and you understand the I comment, maybe others would have insulted me.
      Don’t get angry I didn’t have it with you personally.
      CiaoZ MLT

  3. It doesn’t work ;/

    1. Kevin Naldony

      working perfectly – maybe u are very silly

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